We design and create each individual sugar flower. Both Dianna and Delaney studied with the greats such as: Jacqueline Butler from Petalsweet Cakes located in Southern California, Colette Peters from Colette's Cakes located in New York City, World-renowned cake master Nicholas Lodge, Food Network celebrity pastry chef Ron Ben Israel, Bronwen Weber from Frosted Art Bakery in Dallas, Texas, Lauren Kitchens From Fancy Cakes in Dallas, Texas and Minette Rushing, Savannah's very own cake artist. Taking a little of each person's unique techniques, we have created an exclusive procedure of our own. If you send us photos of your bouquet, we will match them with stunning sugar flowers on your cake, these delicate sugar flowers surly will amaze all of your guests!

"We met Delaney through her new husband because my new husband knew him through work- yah, serindipity ;) Being new to Savannah we had been looking for someone who could do a small, theme wedding cake. After visiting Delaney's website, we knew it was a perfect fit! www.savannahshallofcakes.com She invited us to a cake tasting which was very elegant and formal- the three flavors we sampled were incredible! Of course, we settled on a Southern favorite, Red Velvet. We weren't sure what we wanted it to look like, but Delaney spoke with us about our theme and then made the perfect suggestion! We were so excited- it turned out perfect! The cake was brilliant!!! All of the details were amazing- from the beautiful sugar flowers on top to the lace of the Victorian blending into the mechanized steampunk. Thank you Delaney for creating the most fabuous cake ever!!! :D" Kari