"Delaney Hall Bilton is a magical cake maker and we cannot say enough about how much our guests raved about our wedding cake! I'll be honest--we didn't really care much about the cake at first. After meeting Delaney for our tasting (a deliciously fun MUST!) and working with her to design our perfect look, we got really excited! Her Italian Crème cake is amazing and a crowd pleaser for sure. We had her do a naked cake for us and sent her pictures for ideas and she executed it perfectly! The cake was hands down one of the best we have ever tasted!" Mareesa

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Savannah's Hall of Cakes only uses the the highest quality of ingredients. All of our eggs, honey, and fruit are from Hall's Family Farm, so they are the freshest and tastiest. Our pecans are from right here in Georgia, so you know they will be not just crisp, but also delicious. Our cream is from the Southern Swiss Dairy which is a local and much loved, family farm. We use King Arthur flour which is one of the highest quality flours. Also, we use Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, so everything that your guests put in their mouths will be an experience they will not forget. Our chocolate comes from Belgium, and we use only Plugra butter, which is a European style butter high in fat, giving us the smoothest texture imaginable for our Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

We, at Savannah's Hall of Cakes, believe that the ingredients matter the most. After all, what is a beautiful cake that does not taste as good as it looks? Our clients will know that all of our products, will be the richest most exquisite taste they have ever had!


"The bride had a picture of a cake she wanted and Savannah Hall of Cakes delivered exactly what the bride wanted. It was a red velvet cake with butter cream icing and had sea shells as decoration. It was beautiful! The best part is that guest were saying that it was the best tasting red velvet cake they ever had! What more is there to be said......thanks DELANEY!!!!" Mark

Classic Wedding Cake
When you think of wedding cake, you are thinking of this cake! A white almond- amaretto cake lightly brushed with an amaretto poaching syrup and covered with our almond-amaretto buttercream.

Savannah Blueberry- Lemon Cake
This cake is our classic white almond- amaretto cake with blueberry filling and lemon curd, alternating between layers, finishing with almond- amaretto buttercream. Combining the blueberry with the lemon curd gives your guests the best of both worlds. This cake is not only a local Savannah favorite but also our signature flavor. Other’s may try to copy us but no one can do it like us, the OG’s.

Southern Red Velvet
The red velvet cake is not only a southern classic, but also a southern favorite. Is it a yellow cake, a chocolate cake, or a little of both? We’ll let ya’ll decide. In addition to our red velvet cake we add our smooth cream cheese filling.

Strawberry Champagne Cake
Savannah's Hall of Cakes takes a strawberry cake and brush a champagne- strawberry poaching syrup then we top it with our vanilla buttercream, creating a delicious taste that is truly unforgettable. 

Georgia Peach Cake
When in Georgia do as the Georgians do! You must try this delicious peach cake with a cinnamon peach filling. No poaching syrup needed, this cake is as moist as it can get!

Cookies and Cream Cake
Everyone’s childhood favorite, in cake form, is a black pearl chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling. This one cannot be beat.

Chocolate Truffle Cake
The ultimate chocolate lovers cake, is a black pearl chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache filling.

Vanilla Bean Cake
If you are a vanilla connoisseur, this cake is for you! It starts with a vanilla bean cake with a light brushing of beautiful vanilla bean poaching syrup to which we add vanilla custard and topped with vanilla buttercream. We only use the BEST vanilla straight from Madagascar, it really is perfect for that true vanilla lover!

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
A cake that is delicious as well as fun, and is guaranteed to tickle the fancy of your chocolate lovers, it is the dutch chocolate cake with a hazelnut butter then layered with hazelnut mousse.

Hummingbird Cake
Another famously classic southern cake, it has ripened banana, pineapple, Georgia pecans, and cinnamon then it is filled with our delicious cream cheese filling, it will surely please all your guest whether they are southern or not.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake
Black pearl chocolate cake with a white chocolate ganache mousse and alternating with a delicious raspberry filling.

Coconut Cream Cake
Just like you were in a tropical paradise. We have a delicious coconut cake gently touched with a rum poaching syrup and a heavenly coconut cream filling.

Banana Pudding Cake
This beauty is another southern favorite! Who loves banana pudding? WE DO! We have an awesome banana cake then we put some vanilla pudding in, lay some Nilla wafers and sliced bananas and boom! Banana pudding cake!

Carrot Cake
My momma’s classic carrot cake layered with delicious cream cheese filling. So smooth you’ll want another slice! 

Campfire S’mores Cake
A childhood favorite of mine. A delicious chocolate cake with graham cracker crumbs then a smooth and fluffy marshmallow filling. Everything but the campfire… and tent!

Floral Rose Cake
A truly, floral beauty. We make a delicate rose flavored cake with rose petals in the cake and we fill it with a vanilla buttercream. Delicate, sweet, and delicious!

Perfect Lemon Cake
Someone once told me you are either a chocolate fan or lemon fan well, if you love Lemon this is the cake for you! We make a white almond cake and fill it with our amazing lemon curd then top it with lemon buttercream. So smooth you won’t believe it!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
I’m not gonna lie, this is every guys favorite flavor! Rich and smooth. We get our chocolate cake and fill it with a honey peanut butter filling. It’s a perfect combination!

Praline Pecan Cake
Oh yes, we have yet another southern classic coming for you! A delicious praline pecan cake with an amazingly smooth dulce de leche filling and praline pecan crumbles. 

Chocolate and Sea Salted Caramel Cake
Dutch chocolate cake with gooey caramel filling sprinkled with a touch of sea salt. A wonderful mix between salty and sweet, it’ll melt in your mouth.

Irish Coffee Cake
Yes, you read that correctly, we take a chocolate Guinness cake lay down a Jameson chocolate ganache down then fill it with a Bailey’s Irish Cream and coffee mousse. Absolutely satisfying.

Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate Cake
This is one sexy cake. A elegant strawberry cake layered with chocolate ganache and white chocolate mousse. 

Banana Foster Cake
My family are all from Louisiana and in Louisiana banana foster is HUGE! So why not make it a cake? We take a vanilla cake and fill it with a delicious banana foster filling. It’s as amazing as you’d think! 

Italian Cream Cake
Another Louisiana favorite. We take an Italian cream cake which has Georgia pecans and coconuts in it then brush it down with an amaretto poaching syrup and fill it with cream cheese filling. It is a delight!