"Unfortunately, I never got to meet Delaney. I wish I had! However, just talking with her over email and looking on her site I decided that she was the way to go. I had a three layer cake and wanted a different flavor for each - no problem! I also wanted butterflies and flowers, but not sugar sculpted flowers just little bits - no problem! My jumbled and clumsy attempts to explain every thing I want and Delaney sends me a draft of a cake like she had read my mind. All without meeting in person. Now, the cake was extremely important to me. And I knew I was relying on my gut and other reviews that this would be an amazing cake. The cake was more beautiful in person than the sketch. Delaney is an artist. And the taste...I went to heaven in one bite. I love chocolate, but the layer I ate was the strawberry and it made me forget there was chocolate. Yep, that happened. Though the chocolate layer (biggest) was the first gone once everyone else started digging in. So good!!!" Julie

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